Day trip to segovia from madrid

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Visit the fairytale town of Segovia for a day trip from Madrid.

Visiting Segovia on a day trip from Madrid is an amazing way to see a bit more of Spain. Segovia is very famous for its impressive sites, like the enchanting Alcazar, the spectacular Aqueducto, and the magnificent Cathedral de Segovia. There is so much to see in the historic city of Segovia, it’s definitely worth taking a day trip to!

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best things to do in segovia

About Segovia

Segovia is one of the most impressive cities in the Castilla y León region. Segovia is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and cultural significance. There are many historical sites in the city that will take your breath away!

Segovia is situated in the region of Castilla y León, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) northwest of Madrid. It’s nestled between the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains and the Eresma and Clamores rivers

The city’s history dates back to Roman times; it was an important Roman settlement. The Roman rule has left its impression on the city, one you’ll be able to admire quite well at the Aqueducto.

Segovia is so impressive and one of the best-preserved cities in Spain, that it is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Both the old town and the Aqueducto are designated as UNESCO Sites, so they must be very impressive indeed!

How to get to Segovia for a day trip from Madrid

Segovia is only 90  kilometers (56 miles) north of Madrid, and easily reachable by both car and public transport.

segovia day trip

From Madrid to Segovia by car

To visit Segovia from Madrid by car takes up a little more than an hour. The best route to Segovia is by getting on the A6 in Madrid. You can get to this highway, by driving the Gran Via or the M30.

The road from Madrid to Segovia isn’t hard to drive and is one of the easiest ways to reach the city!

From Madrid to Segovia by train

The most popular option is to visit Segovia by train.

The high-speed train (also known as AVE) is one of the most convenient ways to travel between Madrid and Segovia. Trains depart from Madrid’s Chamartín station and arrive at Segovia’s Guiomar station. The journey takes around 30-35 minutes. Check out the cost here!

You should check the timetables and book your tickets in advance!

From Madrid to Segovia by bus

Buses also run between Madrid and Segovia. The bus ride takes a bit longer than the train but is still a viable option. Buses usually depart from Madrid’s Estación Sur de Autobuses and arrive at Segovia’s main bus station. The journey can take around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic. Buses are often cheaper than the train, check out the cost here.

On my day trip to Segovia, I took the bus, because it was the cheapest option, and I don’t mind relaxing in a comfy bus seat for an hour or 2 😉

segovia day trip itinerary

Segovia day trip organized tours

There are numerous tour companies where you can easily book an organized tour to Segovia. These tours often include transport from Madrid and back at the end of the day.

Many tours from Madrid are combined tours, where you can visit both Segovia and Toledo or Segovia and Avila. You’ll be gone all day for a very nice price!

Make sure to book your affordable organized tour to Segovia on GetYourGuide!

Is one day in Segovia enough?

One day is enough to explore the entire city of Segovia. You won’t need to make haste, as the city isn’t too big and everything is within walking distance.

However, you can always book one of the romantic hotels in the city and stay for 2 days. Segovia is the perfect location for a romantic getaway!

Romantic accommodation in Segovia:

Best things to do in Segovia on your day trip from Madrid

Be amazed by Aqueducto de Segovia

one day in segovia

As I’ve mentioned before, the Segovia Aqueducto is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. It consists of 166 arches and stands about 28 meters (92 feet) high.

The Aqueduct was built in the first century AD and its purpose was to channel water from springs in the mountains 17 kilometres (11 mi) away to the city’s fountains, public baths, and private houses and was in use until 1973.

things to do in spain

Aqueducto de Segovia is known as one of the best-preserved Roman aqueducts in the world! So it’s definitely worth checking out!

Extra tip: On the west side of the Aqueduct, you can climb the big stairwell to some amazing viewpoints of this impressive landmark!

Sit down for a refreshing vermouth in Plaza Mayor

Like Madrid, Segovia has its very own Plaza Mayor. It’s a lot smaller than the one in Madrid but equally beautiful!

best things to do near madrid

There are many things to do on Plaza Mayor, like:

  • Getting the best views of Cathedral de Segovia
  • Shopping for souvenirs in some of the cutest shops
  • Making some amazing photos of the Town Hall
  • Relaxing on a terrace with vermouth in hand

And I know you may be wondering. What even is Vermouth?

Spoiler alert: One of the best drinks you’ll ever taste.

madrid day trip to segovia

Vermouth (Vermút) is a bittersweet, fortified wine that is flavored with a mixture of botanicals, herbs, spices, and sometimes fruits. It’s often enjoyed as an aperitif, served before a meal to stimulate the appetite, or used as a key ingredient in various cocktails.

Vermouth is especially popular in the Madrid region and you’ll find it in almost every restaurant. 

So one thing you need to do in Segovia is sit down on a terrace in Plaza Mayor and enjoy THE favorite local drink!

Visit the impressive Cathedral de Segovia

Now that you’ve enjoyed the views of the Cathedral de Segovia, it’s time to get a look inside!

Inside the cathedral, you will be blown away by its art and altarpieces! This cathedral is home to many treasures and artifacts, that are on display. You will be able to admire the greatest artworks, altarpieces, architecture, and so much more!

You can even climb the tower and get a breathtaking view of the entire city!

spain travel itinerary

The massive cathedral was built between 1525 and 1577 in a late Gothic style, outdated elsewhere in Europe.

Fun fact: Cathedral de Segovia is one of the last remaining Gothic cathedrals in Spain!

And that is why it’s not free to visit, they need money to keep this cathedral in its full glory. A ticket costs between €4 and €10 euros, depending on your will to climb the huge tower.

Seeing the inside of this cathedral and climbing the tower are so worth it!

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Wander through the enchanting Alcazar

Another place Segovia is incredibly famous for is the Alcazar de Segovia! This enchanting medieval castle is one like no other.

madrid day trip to segovia

The Alcazar was built in the 12th century and is one of the most renowned medieval castles globally and one of the most visited landmarks in Spain! It has been the backdrop for significant historical events and has been home to 22 kings, along with notable historical figures.

Even though it was built in the 12th century, its history dates even further back. Before the Alcazar was built as we know it now, it was a Roman fort, because of its great location. But when it couldn’t serve as a fort anymore, it was rebuilt, expanded, and redecorated.

spain travel activities

Sadly, in 1862 a fire swept through the castle, which led to the replacement of the roofs and other reconstructions.

Even though this castle has been through a lot, it’s still as beautiful and enchanting as ever!

You can visit the castle and museum for €7 euros, and for an additional €3 euros you get to climb the tower! And I must say, seeing this castle is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

You should book your tickets in advance, as you need to reserve a time.

attractions in spain
The view over the city from the top of the Alcazar is overwhelmingly beautiful!

Opening hours are:

April 1 to October 31: from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

November 1 to March 31: from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Golden tip: Put on your most extravagant dress and go down to the field at Barranca de la Calderilla. This hidden gem is perfect for making the most enchanting photos!

Admire Muralla de Segovia

On the way back into the city from the Alcazar, you should walk down the Muralla de Segovia. Muralla stands for ‘’great wall’’, and that’s exactly what it is. Segovia was once a fortified city and was protected by these great walls.

madrid day trip to segovia

Even though Segovia’s city walls underwent several transformations, the original layout of the 11th century has been maintained.

You can admire the Muralla in several different ways:

  • You can walk over the wall.
  • Or take a walk through the park below the walls.
  • Another option is hiking up to Mirador de la Muralla, where you may get the best view of the Muralla.

Whatever you like to do, make sure not to miss this city’s gem!

Enjoy the typical delicacy in Segovia: Cochinillo asado

Cochinillo asado, also known as “roast suckling pig,” is a traditional Spanish dish that is highly regarded for its tender and flavorful meat. It is a specialty of the Castilla y León region in Spain, with Segovia being particularly famous for its Cochinillo asado.

Being a huge animal lover, I don’t enjoy writing about this topic, so I’ll keep it short.

day trip to segovia from madrid

Cochinillo asado consists of a young piglet, that’s typically between 2 and 6 weeks old. It isn’t heavily seasoned, as the goal is to let the natural flavor of the meat shine through. The entire piglet is traditionally cooked in a wood-fired oven, which imparts a smoky flavor.

There is so much more to tell about it, but you should probably just taste it for yourself, as taste can’t be precisely described.

The best places to enjoy Cochinillo asado are:

  • Meson de Candido
  • Restaurante Jose Maria
  • Meson Don Jimeno
  • Restaurante el Abuelo

Admire Plaza San Martin

Another place that’s totally worth stopping by is Plaza San Martin. The first thing that caught my eye was the stunning Romanesque San Martin Church. This 12th-century-built church is very remarkable because of its bell tower, arches, and many more eye-catching sights.

spain travel attractions

When I was there, the church was closed, but at any other time, you should be able to visit the inside. There is an entrance fee of €4 euros.

Another thing you will see on Plaza San Martin is a grand statue of a man wielding a giant flag. This monument is in honor of Juan Bravo; a 15th-century revolutionary who fought for Segovia. This statue is worth staring at for a bit and taking in all the small details.

best towns in spain

In other words, Plaza San Martin is a place you shouldn’t miss!

Wander through the Jewish quarter

As the highlights above may be the most important sites of Segovia, you’ll find many more beautiful places in the Jewish quarter. It’s nice to just wander down the streets and alleys of such an old town and find places and details that may be very fascinating.

madrid day trip to segovia

The Jewish Quarter is where you’ll find the most stunning sites, but you’ll be heading here anyway because almost every highlight above is located in this part of the city. But just make sure to enjoy the historic architecture!

Extra tips for your day trip to Segovia from Madrid

Plan on walking a lot

You won’t need any public transport in Segovia, everything is within walking distance. However, do prepare for this and make sure to wear some good walking shoes or sandals.

Go on a walking tour

Segovia is a city filled with history! But you won’t find out about certain events by accident. If you’re interested in learning more about the city, a walking tour would be perfect for you!

best things to do in segovia

Don’t forget to take some sunscreen with you

In Segovia, the sun hangs in the sky a lot. While walking through the city, you may not be thinking about protecting your skin from the sun. So make sure to bring your (natural) sunscreen with you!

Ps. You can also get burned when it’s cloudy.

Make sure to take a camera with you

You’ll be walking around with your camera glued to your face. Every corner of every street reveals another amazing sight, so taking a camera is a must!

Final thoughts on the day trip to Segovia from Madrid

Segovia is the perfect city to visit on a day trip from Madrid. You’ll find the most mesmerizing views, historic architecture, landmarks, and so much more!

When are you visiting Segovia? Let me know in the comments below!

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