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My mission is to find the best hidden gems in Europe. And by that I mean, literally the best. I want to find the least crowded and most spectacular places. To figure out which so-called ”hidden gems” are actually worth it!

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hidden gems in italy
Destinations | Europe | Hidden Gems | Italy | Travel

Hidden Gems in Italy: Exploring Italy’s Most Underrated Destinations

The most underrated hidden gems in Italy that you cannot miss. Italy is an iconic city that everyone loves. The country’s spectacular cobbled piazzas and breathtaking coastal villages make everyone fall in love with it. Rome, the capital city of Italy, is among the most visited holiday destinations. But this bustling city and many other…

Hi there! I am Lisa!

Welcome to my travel blog, I’m so excited you’re here! A while ago, my inner adventurer awakened. Years later, I’ve bought a van; Nova, that gets me all across Europe! I love discovering hidden gems in different countries and living the van life!

Nova is a Ford Transit from ’85. She was a German ambulance for a little while back in the 80s, and she’s had several different owners after that. But one fine spring day I laid eyes on her and instantly knew it… She had to be mine.

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punta de teno
Active Vacation | Destinations | Europe | Hidden Gems | Oceanside Vacation | Tenerife | Travel

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Punta de Teno, Tenerife

How to visit Punta de Teno, Tenerife. One of the main highlights of my month-long trip to Tenerife was exploring the picturesque place of Punta de Teno. With its picture-perfect lighthouse, stunning greenery, and towering cliffs, this place looks straight out of a postcard! But before you go there, there are some things you need…

1 week in tenerife
Active Vacation | Destinations | Europe | Oceanside Vacation | Tenerife | Travel

1 Week in Tenerife: The Perfect 7-day Itinerary for you!

How to spend 1 week in Tenerife, enjoying it to the fullest! Tenerife is considered to be an island of never-ending summer. But it’s not just a nice place to visit for the weather. Tenerife is an island packed with amazing activities and attractions! From relaxing on one of the stunning beaches to hiking the…

warm places in february in europe
City Trips | Destinations | Europe | Oceanside Vacation | Travel | Travel Tips

19 Incredible Warm European Destinations in February – Enjoy The Winter Sun

Best warm European destinations in February. Are you looking for destinations to enjoy the winter sun at its finest? Then you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading and I will tell you all about the best European destinations in February, with temperatures and more! Head for the islands; they are generally the warmest European…