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Our mission is to find the best-hidden gems in Europe. And by that I mean, literally the best. We want to find the least crowded and most spectacular places. To figure out which so-called ”hidden gems” are actually worth it and we want to find new hidden gems that no one knows about. And all this information, we will bring to you!

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netherlands flower fields
Destinations | Europe | The Netherlands | Travel

These Are the Most Beautiful Flower Fields in The Netherlands (More than Tulips)

How to visit several different flower fields in the Netherlands. Are you looking for things to do in the Netherlands? Well, then you should consider visiting flower fields! Even if you’re not visiting in Spring, as there are many different flower fields throughout Spring AND Summer! Here is everything you need to know about visiting…

Hi there! We are Ruben and Lisa!

Welcome to our travel blog! We are 2 unusual travelers exploring Europe with our campervan: Nova! We love discovering hidden gems in different countries and living the van life!

Nova is a Ford Transit from ’85. She was a German ambulance for a little while back in the 80s, and she’s had several different owners after that. But one fine spring day we laid eyes on her and instantly knew it… She had to be ours.

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road trip slovenia
Active Vacation | Destinations | Europe | Slovenia | Travel

Complete Guide for a Magical Slovenia Road Trip + 7-day Itinerary

Slovenia road trip itinerary for 7 days. Slovenia is a perfect European destination for everyone. You can go hiking in the Slovenian Alps, lay by the sea or a lake, visit towns, and do many more activities! This is your sign to go on a road trip to Slovenia this year! About Slovenia The Republic…

best beaches in istria
Croatia | Destinations | Europe | Oceanside Vacation | Travel

These Are the 15 Outright Best Beaches in Istria to Visit This Year! (2023)

The best beaches in the region of Istria, Croatia. Istria is known as Croatia’s hidden beauty. Many people choose to visit Dalmatia over Istria, making the Istrian coast more spacious and comfortable. With beaches that will take your breath away, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Istria. Here are the best beaches in Istria…