Tenerife in winter

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How to spend winter in Tenerife guide.

One of the warmest places in Europe in winter is definitely the island of Tenerife. Located in the Canary island group, Tenerife is the largest island, showcasing the highest mountain of Spain.

Tenerife is a popular destination in summer, but many people don’t know you can also enjoy the tropical weather of Tenerife in winter…

In this post, you’ll find information about the weather in Tenerife, where to stay, activities, national holidays and more!

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tenerife travel guide

About Tenerife

Tenerife is the biggest island in the Spanish Canary Islands. The island group consists of 8 volcanic islands located only 100 kilometers from the coast of Morocco. This means that, like Morocco, the weather in the Canary Islands is very sunny and warm all year round.

Even though they’re so close to Africa, the Canary Islands are a part of Europe, Spain to be exact. With Spanish as the most common language and the Euro as currency, these islands are very popular with European tourists.

travel guide tenerife winter

Why visit Tenerife in winter?

Unlike most places in Europe, Tenerife is the perfect sunny destination all year round! With a subtropical oceanic climate, Tenerife has sunny days and warm temperatures all year round.

That’s why Tenerife is the perfect destination for a little winter break. For most European countries it’s no more than a 4-hour flight away, which makes it the closest summer destination in winter.

In 2024, I spent the entire month of February in Tenerife, and it was awesome! I stayed at the southside of the island for the whole month and only had 1 rainy day!

Weather in Tenerife in winter

As mentioned before, Tenerife is one of the hottest destinations in Europe in winter with temperatures that can exceed 20°C!

However, the north and south side of the island can differ a lot. In the north, there’s generally more rain and clouds, when in the south it’s sunny nearly every day!

tenerife travel guide
You might be lucky and even see snow on the Teide mountain peak!

Weather in December, January, and February

The weather in Tenerife doesn’t fluctuate a lot. The winter months are nearly similar in temperature and rainy days. With high temperatures of 21°C, you’ll feel like it’s summer! Some days the temperature can even get as high as 25°C!

However, in winter, the temperatures at night can fall to 15°C.

There are on average 4 rainy days per month. Luckily the rain doesn’t fall everywhere on the island, but mostly in the north. This makes the south side of the island a perfect summer-like destination in winter!

High temperature: 25°C / 70°F

Low temperature: 15°C / 59°F

Rainy days: 4 days

tenerife in winter travel guide

Where to stay in Tenerife in winter

When the weather in the north can be so different from the weather in the south, it’s important to choose your accommodations carefully.

In winter, you’ll want to stay at the south side of the island. Here the weather is incredible, with nearly no rain! Your days in the south will be filled with sun, warmth, and maybe a refreshing sea breeze.

These are the best places to stay in Tenerife in winter:

·  Los Gigantes

·  Adeje

·  Playa de las Americas / Los Cristianos (super touristy though)

·  El Médano

Getting around in Tenerife in winter

Winter is a great time to explore different parts of the island of Tenerife! From hiking Mount Teide, to exploring the hidden gem of Punta de Teno, you’ll need a way to get around.

I highly recommend getting a rental car on Tenerife. This can be very affordable and gives you lots of flexibility and freedom. However, there are buses on the island too. They will take you to most cities, but it’ll be harder to reach natural sites by bus.

You’ll want to find the best and cheapest rental car on RentalCars.com.

how to get around tenerife

Important things to pack for spending winter in Tenerife

Tenerife is an amazing summer destination in winter. However, packing for summer won’t be enough.

Yes, you’ll need your summer dresses, sunscreen, and flip-flops. But make sure to pack some warm layers too!

You should pack a sweater, jacket and some long pants, as it may cool off at night. If you plan on hiking mount Teide, make sure to bring some long hiking/sports pants. I could get cold on the mountain!

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Best activities in Tenerife in winter

Wintertime is the perfect season for exploring the island of Tenerife! There are lots of activities and places to explore, below you’ll find a detailed list of things you cannot miss!

Go hiking!

winter in tenerife
Masca Valley

From the Teide volcano, to the Anaga mountains in the north, Tenerife is one of the best Canary Islands for hiking! It doesn’t matter which area you visit, there are hiking trails everywhere! Here are some of the most beautiful ones:

PS. Check out this Tenerife hiking guide for the most detailed information!

Visit a winery

tenerife activities

Tenerife may not be famous for its wine, nevertheless, this stunning island offers some of the tastiest wines of Spain!

Visiting a winery on Tenerife is definitely a must! Some of the best wineries are:

  • Bodegas Monje
  • Casa del Vino
  • Bodega Frontos
  • Bodega el Lomo
  • Bodega Suertes del Marqués

I highly recommend spending a couple of hours are a winery!

Spot wales and dolphins at sea

things to do in tenerife in winter

Being an island in the middle of the ocean, Tenerife is home to several dolphin and whale species. There’s even a huge group of sea turtles living by the south side of the island!

I’d say, this is an opportunity to go onto sea and try to spot them!

There are many tours in Tenerife, let me specify which one you should book…

The best dolphin spotting tour is: Los Cristianos: No-Chase Whale and Dolphin Cruise.

I think it’s super important to not impose on the animals environment, which is why the no-chase tour is the only one you should book for a responsible and ethical experience.

However, if you’re not so interested in hopping on a boat or you’re simply more adventurous, you should go for this tour instead: Kayaking and Snorkeling with Turtles.

Kayaking out on sea to find some turtles without disturbing their natural environment, will be a unique experience! And besides turtles, you may even see some dolphins! If you’re adventurous and don’t like tours, this one’s for you. I promise you, kayaking at sea will not feel like a tour at all, the average tourist will not join this one 😉

Sunbathe on one of the many stunning beaches

canary islands travel
Playas de las Teresitas

In winter, the ocean might be a bit too cold to swim in (although I found it was quite warm in February). Nevertheless, the beaches are perfect for sunbathing this time of year!

Tenerife is home to some of the most stunning beaches of Spain! Make sure to check out:

  • Playa de las Teresitas
  • Playa de la Tejita
  • Playa del Duque
  • Playa de Los Gigantes
  • Playa del Benijo

Make a roadtrip!

teide national park

Something that I enjoyed doing on Tenerife was going on a road trip! No plan, no google maps, just driving and seeing where you end up. This is a great way to find hidden gems in Tenerife and see the most stunning views!

tenerife winter
Enjoying a typical Canarian coffee ”Barraquito” in Teide NP

I drove up to Teide NP via the north side and drove south through the national park. This is an amazing route that you simply have to drive on your trip to Tenerife!

Stargaze on Spain’s highest mountain peak

canary islands travel

Did you know that Mount Teide is one of the best places to watch the Milky Way in Europe? It gets so dark on the volcano that you’ll be able to see the most hidden stars!

If you’re up for stargazing on Mount Teide, make sure to do it by booking an organized tour. This way you’ll be sure to find the best places for stargazing and being safely on the mountain!

Tour recommendation: Tenerife: Teide National Park Sunset & Stargazing Experience

Go surfing

surfing in tenerife

As a surfing hotspot, Tenerife showcases the best surfing conditions in winter! From kitesurfing to catching waves the old fashioned way, there is something for everyone!

The best place to go surfing is for sure El Médano. With surfing schools and rentals all around and the best vibes, you’ll be sure to practice your surfing skills under the best conditions!

Have loads of fun at Siam Park

things to do in tenerife

One of the biggest attractions on Tenerife is the amazing Siam Park. Featuring 15 amazing Thai-themed slides, Siam Park is the number 1 water park in the world!

Because of its great rank, it’s no so budget-friendly to visit, however, you can spend an entire day here, experiencing the greatest fun!

Ticket prices for Siam Park start from €42,-. Get them here!

Take a day trip to La Gomera

day trip la gomera

If you look on a map, you can see that Tenerife has a small island right next to it. This is La Gomera. As one of the greenest islands in the Canaries, La Gomera is a popular choice for a day trip and highly recommended!

If you have a rental car, you can easily take a ferry to La Gomera, and explore the island yourself.

If you don’t have a rental car or you don’t feel like driving around yourself, make sure to check out these organized tours!

Some spots you don’t want to miss on La Gomera are:

  • Garajonay National Park
  • Roque de Agando
  • San Sebastian
  • Los Organos
  • Mirador de Abrante
  • Valle Gran Rey
  • Waterfall el Guro

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Celebrate Carnaval in Santa Cruz

carnaval santa cruz de tenerife

Did you know that the 2nd biggest carnaval in the world is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife?! Of course it’s not as big as the celebration in Rio de Janerio, nevertheless, it’s an amazing experience for Europeans not wanting to travel to the other side of the globe to experience Carnaval.

When I was in Tenerife in February, I had no idea about this carnaval. Some people invited me to come and I had the greatest time, dancing on the streets in the capital city of Tenerife! Many people were so committed and came in the best costumes!

Tenerife carnaval

Carnaval usually lasts for 3 weeks in February, but the dates can vary a lot. Check out the dates for the coming years here!

Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in Tenerife

christmas in tenerife

Another holiday that people like to spend in Tenerife is Christmas. Spending a hot Christmas holiday in Tenerife, followed by a spectacular New Year’s Eve, December is one of the best times to come to this incredible island!

The end of December is also the high season in Tenerife, so keep in mind that everything’s going to be more expensive.

Check out this Christmas guide for Tenerife!

Final thoughts on winter in Tenerife

Now that you know exactly what to expect in Tenerife in winter, it’s time to start planning! Make sure to check out the posts below for more incredible activities in Tenerife!

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