is worldpackers worth it?

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Honest Worldpackers review and all the information you need before signing up.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to see this beautiful world without breaking the bank. There are several work exchange platforms out there, and Worldpackers has become a trendy one lately. But is Worldpackers worth it? And is it safe? Keep reading this Worldpackers review to find out!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. This is my honest review of the platform, with the information you need, to help you decide whether to sign up or not.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through one of the product links, we’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you. We only promote products and services we 100% believe in. Thank you so much for supporting us! Read more about it in our disclosure policy.

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What is Worldpackers?

Worldpackers is a work exchange organization that connects travelers to host communities all around the world!

This means that you exchange a few hours of work for free accommodation, food, and many more benefits. You help your host with whatever tasks they need you to do (this can be ANYTHING), and you get a free stay in return.

The working hours are often no more than 5 hours a day for 5 days a week. It can be different, but these hours are what you should keep in mind.

Why volunteer abroad?

Volunteering abroad can have many benefits for you.

These are some of the greatest benefits of volunteering:

  • Free accommodation and food
  • Meeting many like-minded people from all over the world
  • Developing your skills and mindset
  • Being able to explore the destination on your free days
  • Often you get free activities and tours included. This can mean free yoga classes, surf lessons, hiking tours, parties, and more!
is worldpackers worth it

Volunteering abroad is especially great for solo travelers. When you’re staying at a host, there are often other volunteers, friends or family of the host, or guests (if you’re working in a hostel, for example).

It basically means you won’t get lonely. There are always people to connect with and do fun activities together.

How does Worldpackers work?

Worldpackers is a platform that connects travelers to hosts. But how exactly does it work?

Let me take you through the process.

To start volunteering with Worldpackers, the first step is to sign up on the platform. There’s a small cost involved, but this means you get to travel safely (more on this later).

PS. By using my discount code ‘’NOVAONTHEROAD’’ you’ll get $10 off! Click this link to get the discount!

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After signing up and completing your profile (with travel experiences, skills, languages, and more), you can start exploring!

There are several ways to find hosts. You can filter your search results by destination, program type, availability, host type, and even more! You’ll probably find several hosts that appeal to you, make sure to save them to your wishlist.

You can apply to as many hosts as you want, just make sure they truly appeal to you and feel like a great fit.

After getting a confirmation, you’re up for your trip!

It’s as simple as that 😉

PS. At the end of this post, I’ll give you incredible tips for applying, that’ll give you higher chances of getting confirmed!

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Is Worldpackers safe?

Many people have concerns about work exchange and that’s totally understandable! Is Worldpackers safe? Are the hosts legit? And what if something goes wrong? Will Worldpackers help me?

Let me take you through Worldpackers’ safety measures.

High requirements for hosts

Firstly, let me tell you, that Worldpackers has high requirements for new hosts. Unlike other work exchange websites (where anyone can become a host), Worldpackers has high requirements and checks a new host has to go through.

This means, that every Worldpacker host is legit and trustworthy.

Transparent community reviews

On some work exchange platforms, they only show good reviews of hosts, leaving out the bad ones. This is not the case with Worldpackers.

On Worldpackers, you can see every review travelers left for the hosts. Some are quite helpful in explaining more about the work, location, host, or other important things.

Still have questions about a host? Worldpackers gives you the option to ‘’ Talk to those who have lived the experience’’. This means you can ask questions about the host to people who’ve volunteered there!

worldpackers safety

What if something on my trip goes wrong?

Well, even in that case, Worldpackers is there to help you, with the following features:

WP Safeguard: With a regular membership plan, you get access to WP Safeguard. This means that if your host doesn’t stick to the agreements and you’re leaving early, you can get a refund for unplanned accommodation for up to 3 nights. They will also help you find another host as soon as possible. You can only use this if your stay has been confirmed through the Worldpackers platform.

Highly responsive support: You can get support from the Worldpackers team 7 days a week, before, during, and after your stay. With a satisfaction rate of 93%, this team is very capable and will help you as best as they can.

So is Worldpackers safe to use?

Absolutely! Worldpackers has the best safety features of any work exchange platform. It’s their number 1 priority to make your experience as safe and successful as possible!

Make sure to read all their safety measures here!

Worldpackers vs other work exchange websites

Oops, I’ve already spilled some comparison details in this post… Anyhow, you may be wondering: Why choose Worldpackers over Workaway or WWOOF?

I won’t be going into detail about that in this post, but if you want to know if Worldpackers is better than the other work exchange platforms, make sure to read: Workaway vs Worldpackers: An Honest Review After Traveling with Both Organizations.

Spoiler alert: Worldpackers is the better option.

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My personal experience with Worldpackers on Tenerife

In February 2024 I volunteered in Tenerife with Worldpackers. I volunteered using Workaway a few months earlier, but I figured: What’s the harm in trying out several work exchange platforms?

So at the beginning of the year, I started applying for several positions, and a few weeks before the start of my trip, one host confirmed (after having a video call with them).

worldpackers review

And my trip was amazing! The quality of the volunteering experience was (in my opinion) a lot better (and more structured) than when I volunteered through Workaway, and I felt so much more at ease, having Worldpackers’ safety measures at my back.

For those interested in the exact place where I volunteered, here it is:

Volunteer at the Tree House Hostel Tenerife

worldpackers position

If you want to see more about my volunteering experience in Tenerife, make sure to check out my Instagram page.

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Conclusion: Is Worldpackers worth it?

YES! I’ve had the best time volunteering with Worldpackers!

Of course, anything on your trip could go wrong. But that’s exactly why you should volunteer with Worldpackers; they have your back.

Traveling the globe with Worldpackers is one of the best choices you can make! It’ll save you tons of money while getting the most unique and authentic experiences.

How to sign up for Worldpackers?

Signing up for Worldpackers is very simple! All you have to do is click on this link, for a $10 discount, and sign up, following the instructions.

Once signed up, make sure to complete your profile and start exploring! That’s all!

is worldpackers legit

How do you successfully find the right host in 3 steps?

Step 1: Start exploring

When exploring for the right hosts in your next destination, you’ll need to read through the position thoroughly and make sure their needs are in line with yours.

Make sure to pay attention to:

  • What you offer: Explains what kind of help they’re looking for and for how many hours
  • What you get: Are they giving you what you need?
  • Availability: Do they have a free volunteering spot when you’re traveling there?
  • The experience: They explain in their own words what kind of position it is and what life in the location is like
  • Requirements: Do you meet the right requirements? If not, you won’t be able to apply.

You’ll find several hosts that will feel right for you. Make sure to save them to your wishlist, this way you’ll easily find them back.

is worldpackers worth it?

Step 2: Applying

In the 2nd step, you’ll start applying to these hosts! Yes, several. Chances are that some hosts are gonna turn you down, so make sure to apply for several positions, to improve your chances of getting a confirmation!

They will ask you some questions in the application, make sure to answer them as positively, humanly, and truly as possible. After sending your application they may ask you more questions or offer to (video)call.

Follow these tips for higher chances of getting confirmed:

  • Don’t copy/paste your answers into different applications. Hosts will notice.
  • Answer the questions as specific and true as possible
  • Start applying for at least 5 positions. Don’t wait around for just one that may feel perfect, it’s time-consuming and this way you may not find a host in time (almost happened to me!)
  • Follow up! Hosts are given a certain time frame to reply. If they haven’t replied to you on the last day of the time frame, ask them kindly for a response. I had to ask 2 times to find a position.

Step 3: Getting a confirmation

Most hosts will want to get to know you better before confirming your trip. They may ask you to have a (video)call, or just answer some more specific questions.

Make sure to stay true to your needs and who you are. If you pretend to be someone else in this phase, you may run into problems with your host later on. Be honest and true, I’m sure they’ll love you!

Note: If your host forgets to confirm you on the Worldpackers platform, make sure to ask them for a confirmation. If you don’t get confirmed on the platform, you won’t be insured through Worldpackers!

worldpackers review

Are you ready for your trip?

After getting a confirmation, get ready! They’ll contact you about getting there and if you have any questions, it’s always possible to ask them. 

On your trip, it’s super important to stick to the agreements made between you and the host. Hosts can leave reviews for travelers too, so make sure they’re happy with you and your work, to make the experience great for everyone!

Make sure to read Worldpackers’ safety measures once more before your trip!

Final thoughts on this Worldpackers Review

I hope this post has given you all the information you need to figure out if Worldpackers is for you and to make your trip as successful as possible!

Any more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below!

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